Oct. 10, 2017

This day I was about to have to disc operated on at Fresno Surgery center.  Mom mother, who could barely walk without a walker, took care of my dad of 85 years old.  He had COPD, dementia, heart issues, and spent most his days in bed.  she made him eat and take his daily medicines.  But that was their life, a marriage of 66 years.  Mom and me tried to spend a few days a week going to the gym, and walking in the water.  It helped with her horrible arthritis knees, and back and hips.  My dad stayed home.  Mom mother always paid all the bills as dad never finish school. (third grade) barely reading or writing.

Gregg, my husband, was taking me to surgery.  I didn’t want mom to sit there worrying, so I had our house cleaner go there early and stay and clean while I had surgery.  While I was in preop, My son stopped by to check on her, she was having lunch while Adriana Cleaned.  Fred my son left to run errands, and mom began to choke.  Addie saw it and tried to help.  Mom was having a stroke.

Dad got up and walked by them. saying she always does this. then he went back to bed.  mom tightly wrapped her arms around Adriana showing her the phone.  Mom had 911 programed to call Fred her grandson. and he was driving.  she tried calling the neighbor’s, all were home but thought mom wanted company and they were all busy. so did answer. finally she reached my sister Dorothy who lives out of town.  she called the neighbors and told them to help.  No one  called 911.

Fred arrived and picked mom up and took her in his car. they arrived at Kaiser.

This story goes on for a long time.  I will continue, but how many of you have been in a situation like this, what happened and how many different things did not happen!

all strokes are different.

My husband got the call. he cried. emotions were over the top.  I wanted to leave the hospital. and my doctor told me there was nothing I could do right now.  and she would need me soon, so in surgery I went. Gregg went to hospital where my mother was, and sons.

My husband has Parkinson’s, and it was not in a good place when all this happened.  He just started regulating his sediment’s and as all Parkinson patients know it is now easy.  His emotions were horrible, yet he helped in a million ways.

so before I continue,   Lets see how well I learn to blog, so I can tell my story, and hopefully get advise from many of you out there, or I can help you.


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