Embarrassing 2nd post

So I joined word press almost 2 yrs ago and wrote the first post. Just notice it never got posted. So much has happened.

While I was in hospital mom was flown out of time to see another Kaiser dr. They couldn’t bring her back from the stroke. 85% of her left side gone. My dad was alone in home now and my sister or brother wouldn’t help. They lived out of town and expected us to help. I have titanium from neck to pelvis, husband has Parkinson’s but we changed our life October 17, 2017. Found a nursing home close to my dad. So he could visit her when he was clear minded. He believed she had left him, and they were married 66 years. Court cases, Aps involved and family kept us from helping my dad, and he passed away June 2018, without his wife or family except a daughter who kept him from his family. They had no money, it was all about power😭. Sad

Today mom is visited everyday for at least 3-4 hours per day from me! I do her laundry, teach her to do things again. She is lifted by nurses and put I wheel chair twice a day. She dinner in dining room, made friends, plays bingo.

She’s had 2 more strokes since 2017. Last week she had a seizure that kept her in hospital for a week. She got a blood infection but now is back I her room at nursing home. Her birthday was this last Friday 86 years old. I spent 8hrs a day with her while In hospital as the doctor thought she would join my dad. Her other 2 children came to hospital and spent 30 mins with her and went home.

Today she was up eating in dining room, and I. Exhausted 😩. Hopefully she will be getting back to where she was at.

More soon, and I’ll tell about how my husband with Parkinson’s and failing heart problems are doing. Thank you for letting me tell my story

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